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The Prairie Archaeology & Research full-time professional staff provides our clients with decades of combined experience in archaeology, history, and cultural resource management.
Joseph Craig (email) is President and Principal Investigator of Prairie Archaeology & Research. He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University and has almost twenty years of experience in all aspects of cultural resource investigations including acting as point of contact, contract administrator and principal investigator. Mr. Craig oversees all aspects of the pre-fieldwork research, field and laboratory investigations, and report production conducted by Prairie Archaeology & Research staff. Mr. Craig also manages and directs the investigations of outside consultants whose expertise may be necessary to complete the project.

Mr. Craig has extensive experience in conducting all phases of cultural resource investigations in the upper Midwest including Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. In addition to this primary experience, he acted as Principal Investigator of cultural resource investigations for projects in Nevada, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Virginia, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Jason Rein (email) handles PAR's mapping duties and produces its visual assets. Mr. Rein's mapping tasks run the gamut from total station and drone operation to GIS and CAD to finalized report-ready maps using his own custom-built software. In addition, he maintains the company's branding, marketing, and web site and is also responsible for producing PAR's public outreach projects.

Mr. Rein joined Prairie Archaeology & Research in 2005, bringing over eight years of archaeology experience conducting field, surveying, and lab work. Mr. Rein has participated in numerous prehistoric and historic archaeological survey, evaluation, and mitigation projects in Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

Kat Pruitt (email) is an archaeologist at Prairie Archaeology & Research. She graduated summa cum laude from the Capital Scholars Honors Program at the University of Illinois at Springfield in 2021 with a degree in Anthropology, having minored in Theatre and Women & Gender Studies.

She joined Prairie Archaeology & Research in 2021 and assists in the production and research of reports, field investigations, and general tomfoolery.

Chelsea Coates (email) is a Project Archaeologist, Historical Researcher, and Marketing and Logistics Director for Prairie Archaeology & Research. Ms. Coates has extensive archaeological experience in surveys, mitigations, and research, as well as laboratory analysis and interpretation, particularly in historical contexts. She received her Bachelor's (2011) and first Master's in Historical Archaeology (2014) at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, and her second Master's in Cultural Resource Management (2021) at Adams State University (Colorado).

Ms. Coates joined Prairie Archaeology & Research in 2022, bringing over 10 years of field experience in seven states and her in-depth knowledge (and obsession) of 19th-century ceramics and glass.

Our staff is augmented by qualified, part-time field technicians and laboratory support staff as needed in order to expedite the completion of every project. In addition, Prairie Archaeology & Research has long-term consultant relationships with analytical specialists for floral, faunal, geomorphological, and editorial tasks.
Email Us | (217) 544-4881 | P. O. Box 5603 Springfield, IL 62705 | ​562 Highland Ave. Springfield, IL 62704

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